Information about Fees

Payment of accounts

  • Paediatric Gastroenterology Victoria does not generally bulk bill.
  • After your consultation, your nominated credit/debit card will be charged and an invoice mailed to you.
  • Doctors fees: If you are registered for Medicare Online, you will receive the Medicare reimbusement directly into your nominated bank account within 72 hours. If you are not registered for Medicare Online, you will be able to claim your reimbursement from Medicare directly using the invoice you receive.
  • A referral is required in order for you to claim the maximum Medicare rebate.
  • GP referrals are valid for 12months and specialist referrals for 3months.
  • Allied Health fees: You will be able to use the invoice you receive to claim directly from your private health insurance provider (if applicable).
  • If you need to change or cancel your appointment, we require at least 24 hours notice so we are able to offer your appointment to another patient. Less than 24hours notice will result in a fee of $50.

Doctor Fees

Doctor’s consultation fees are only reimbursed by Medicare if you have a valid referral and not by private health insurance. Private health insurance policies will cover most of the cost of any procedures that may be required such as gastroscopy and/or colonoscopy.

Item no. Fee Medicare rebate
Single Issue
Initial visit 110 up to $280 $128.30
 Single Issue
Review visit 116 up to $170 $64.20
Initial visit 132 up to $ 395 $224.35
Review visit 133 up to $220 $112.30

If you have a ‘Chronic Disease Management Plan/Enhanced Primary Care Plan’ from your GP, you may be able to claim a rebate from Medicare for your Allied Health consultation fees. Alternatively, Private health insurance ‘extras cover’ generally offer a rebate for allied health consultations, with the amount rebated dependent on your level of extras cover. It is best to contact your private health fund prior to your appointment to determine your out of pocket costs. Otherwise, allied health consultation fees are generally not reimbursed by Medicare.

Dietitian Fees

Item no. Fee Medicare rebate
Initial Consult – Private 500 up to $170 (Private Health Fund)
Initial Consult – MBS 10954 / 10960 up to $170 $52.95
Review Consult – Private 600 up to $110 (Private Health Fund)
Review Consult 10954 / 10960 up to $110 $52.95

Physiotherapy Continence Consultations Fees

Item no. Fee Medicare rebate
Initial Consult – Private 1 hour
9301 up to $170 (Private Health Fund)
Initial Consult – MBS  1 hour
10960 up to $170 $52.95
Review Consult – Private 30min
9303 up to $110 (Private Health Fund)
 Review Consult – MBS 30 minutes
10960  up to $110 $52.95

Psychology Fees

Psychology fees may be reimbursed by Medicare and/or your private health insurance. The type of medicare plan is be dependant on their GP. Private health insurance rebates are also dependent on policy and extras coverage.

Initial Consult 1.5 hours
80110 $200 $84.80
Review Consult 1 hour
80110 $150 $84.80
MBS Initial 1.5 hours
10968 $200 $52.95
MBS Review 1 hour
10968 $150 $52.95
Private Initial 1.5 hours
P100 $200 Depends
Private Review 1 hour
P100 $150 Depends

Please direct any billing enquiries or concerns to: Medical Billing Experts 1300 809 484

Fees will be reviewed every 6-12months.